About Us

Having spent decades in estate agency, our founder noticed the strong corolation between the quality of an agents marketing with the success of selling a property within a reasonable timescale whilst at the same time achieving the best possible price.

We believe everyone should have great marketing when selling but, the cost of this can often be off-putting. However, YouSold are able to offer the best marketing using two simple options 1) Free of charge or 2) Paid for (Starting from £85 for our full package).

Option 1 works by paying a non-refundable deposit to one of our approved and verified solicitors. YouSold then provides its full service completely free of charge. Once your sale completes your initial deposit will be deducted in full from your solicitors bill.

If you would prefer to use your own solicitor then option 2 allows a straight forward payment from just £85 and we include professional photography, 360 degree virtual tour and an accurate colour floor plan all within this price.

With our approved and verified marketing you are statistically proven to attract more buyers that in turn will help you achieve a better price, providing you with a return on your £85 investment.

Although some people feel their agent should take their photos, it is a bit like asking an electrician to fix your toilet. Plus, with not everyone having access to the newest technologies it is unlikely your estate would be equipped to generate a full virtual tour.

With YouSold aiming to set the benchmark for standards within property marketing you can rest assured that our service will be second to none.

About Our Solicitors

Once our marketing and your agent have helped you source a buyer the next step is instructing a solicitor to ensure you complete on your sale along with any onward purchases that you may have.

We hand pick the solicitors we work with and know they share our ethos of providing a great service at an attractive price. Each are able to offer the following features:

Solicitor Features


No Sale, No Fee!

Should your sale fall through or you simply have  change of heart our solicitors can offer a no sale no fee option protecting our customers from unexpectant legal bills should matter rs not go to plan.


Fixed Costs

Our solicitors do not charge per hour! you will know exactly what you have to pay from the start ensuring no nasty surprises when you receive your bill


Search Guarantee

If you have an onward purchase you will require searches that cost approximately £300 (variant on local borough). If a surprise surfaces in these searches youyou decide to no longer proceed with the property then you will get a second search free of charge on your property.


Local & Experienced Staff

Not only are our solicitors reasonable priced but they are experienced in conveyancing and work in local locations to where we operate as well as London. This way if you would like to visit them in person you can do so.