"we are judged by what we finish,

not what we start"

Specialist conveyancers

Our solicitors are specialist property conveyancers, this means they do not spend time outside of the office in court cases and instead are office based to be on hand to deal with matters as and when they arise. They also have more experience dealing with property transactions than other solicitors and can handle dealing with common problems and providing solutions along with speaking to your estate agent and updating them along way.

An actual office

Although cost saving, our solicitors have established offices. We feel this is important as some people prefer dealing with matters face to face. it also means you can pick up and drop off paperwork on the same day should something be required last minute and exchanging contracts is in the balance.

To ensure the YouSold quality standards are adhered to we set exchange deadlines for our solicitors to meet. We also have our solicitors personal mobile numbers as well as trusted relationships with directors, so should you require any intervention we will be there to step in.

No sale, no legal fee

Working on a no sale, no legal fee basis gives our clients added protection and allows you to start legal proceedings ​earlier. It also keeps our solicitors to get the case through to completion as they risk not being paid for their hard work.

Transaction speed

By opening an account with at the same time that you begin marketing your home you would have immediately sped up your transaction by up to two  weeks. We are then able to speed transactions up by another two weeks through our online tracking system, allowing you to quickly act on matters as check progress on matters 24 hours a day.​

Tracking progress 24/7

Communication is an important part of every business, we understand that many of our clients lead busy lifestyles; if you are unable to take our calls during the day you can check up with whats happening online.





Our solicitors are not online companies so you can freely pop in and see them plus we also appoint third part case handlers supplying you with support Monday - Thursday 9am - 8:30pm, Friday 9am - 6pm & Saturday 9am - 4pm.

Fixed costs

Our solicitors work on fixed costs with no added/hidden extra's. You can contact them freely without worrying about receiving a huge bill. ​

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Although everything possible is done to ensure you receive a great service , if a solicitor is overloaded with work it is only natural for them to struggle and their service levels drop. To avoid this we cap all our solicitors workloads to manageable levels ensuring they can provide the quality service that YouSold promises.

Manageable work loads