how it works


Pitch the advantages of having the best marketing on your valuation


Generate your customer a solicitors/cost of move quote.


Vendor pays from just £85 deposit, which opens an account with YouSold and a YouSold authorised solicitor


Professional photos, floor plan and virtual tour gets carried out and high quality images sent to agent/vendor.


When the seller exchanges, agent is paid a further £150, plus an additional £275 for each legal transaction that the customer carries out with our solicitors.


Vendor initial deposit is deducted from their legal bill.

This will help to define your agency above others and give the seller even more of a reason to use you.

Even if you don't win the instruction. If you generate a quote at the initial stages and they decide to proceed with that quote you will still be paid the same commission.

Although the vendor pays £85, this is refunded in full once they successfully exchange contracts through our solicitor on their sale.

All photos under-go editing and enhancement and are sent to you within 24/48 hours of the appointment taking place.

Given that most people who sell will also have an onward purchase, this allows the agent to earn an average of £425 for every vendor that uses YouSold. 

Vendors are refunded their deposit in full upon successful completion of their property through our solicitors.